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Actor-producer Suriya gave 1crore for the former welfare fund and also 5 people got 10lac each 2 lac for an achievement in the forming.

Family Blockbuster - Sounds quite a first of its kind tag for a film's success, which is not commonly found. Declared as a promising film of this season 'Kadaikutty Singam' has managed to garner the heartiest reception of family audiences across Tamil and Telugu territories. The occasion commenced with Divya Darshini hosting it.

Rajsekar Karpoora Sundara Pandian of 2D Entertainment said, "Having been a lawyer for 20 years, it happened one day that my brother Suriya informed me about starting a new production house 2D Entertainment. I had a great passion for films from my childhood, but it was so much hidden in me. I thank Suriya for taking me alongside his journey. Today, I am so happy that I am a part of such a beautiful movie like Kadaikutty Singam."

Sakthivelan of Sakthi Film Factory, who acquired Tamil Nadu theatrical rights of this film said, "There was a theatre owner from Southern part of Tamil Nadu said that an evening show of 'Kadaikutty Singam' had 430 audiences. He said that usually the maximum number of audiences to the theatre would be 100, but this is a wonder. The theatre owner furthermore told that he is going to renovate the theatre and invest more. Such has been the impact of Kadaikutty Singam that it has made every theatre owners happy. One of the theatre owners told that the Day 10 collection of Kadaikutty Singam has been the first ever biggest number in 62 years of his career.

Actor Ponvannan - "Having worked in nativity based movies Kizhakku Seemayile (Associate Director) and Maayandi Kudumbathaar (Actor). While working in Kizhakku Seemayile, Mani Ratnam was making Thiruda Thiruda and Shankar's Gentleman was a blockbuster. Everyone were assuming that village based movies wouldn't win the game. But Bharathiraja sir's movie was a huge hit where people across different villages travelled through bullock carts. Similarly, Kadaikutty Singam has made the situation reoccur again. There are few movies that has crossed the limits of commercial values to gain collections, which are inappropriate for the family audiences. But Pandiraj sir has made an impeccable attempt for savouring their tastes with good values. Whatever might be the technological advancements, it should have human emotions.

What I like about Karthi is that he is such a gentleman, who always wants to make everyone happy even at the least chance as possible. Such a good nature helped him choose good script like Kadaikutty Singam."

D Imman - "So much elated to be a part of a blockbuster movie like Kadaikutty Singam. The scope for songs and BGM have been good here in this film. Moreover, there are lots of positive messages in the film, which has helped it gain success. Although, some adult rated movies turn out to be a good commercial success, which is healthy for the industry, there would be a kind of disappointment and worries for a good quality film missing.

In addition, what happened to be more appealing is that a day before the film's release, all the team members were invited to the office and were given a small gift box. On opening it, we got to see there was a gold chain inside it. It happens that only after the film's success, the cast and crew are gifted with gold chains, but it's the first time, the producers believed in the team even before the release and gifted us."

Adding more about the good message that the film has conveyed, D Imman said, "By the end of film, we see a strong message about marrying among the cousins. Today, the society has been facing a terrible situation of little children getting harassed. But with a good message conveyed through a mainstream movie like this, it shows how the children should be seen."

Comedy actor Soori - "There are few scenes in the film, where I had to read the dialogue papers and would cry on the shooting spot. Such were the emotional things I had to go through the film. On the other hand, while flying along with Karthi to Hyderabad, he said, "Apart from the fact that my brother has produced the film and I have acted, more than anything, the film should run successfully at least for the sake of director Pandiraj, who has given his heart and soul into the project."

Actor Sathyaraj - "This film should be screened for the so-called groups, which in the name of Country's progress and development is devastating the agricultural lands of farmers simply for the sake of a miniscule group for their comfortable journey through roadways to Coimbatore. What made me happier about this occasion is that Suriya and 2D Entertainment contributing towards farmers and agricultural cause."

Director Pandiraj - "During the beginning of the film's process, I had doubt whether Karthi sir would befittingly look perfect for my pattern of work. The things were same when it came to the closer associates of Karthi. I don't know who propelled up such rumours that I would be too arrogant with actors. But by end of the process, both of us have found the greatest success together."

Sayyesha - "Yesterday, I saw someone coming up to me and saying that his wife is pregnant and if a girl child is born, he would name her after my character's name in Kadaikutty Singam. Such is the beautiful result that the film has witnessed."

Karthi - "There are few misinterpretations that good movies don't run. That's wrong! You make a good film and it will definitely run. I am so happy that theatres are having the fragrance of Jasmine flowers and babies with feeding bottles. This has been great news to us."

He furthermore added something revolutionary with STOP moment
S - Sugar -Avoid white sugar as it has sulphur blended to it and around 2000lts of water is wasted for the sake of one handful of sugar.
T - Turmeric - Consuming turmeric will reduce cancer rate.
O - Oil. Go for the oil that is produced from the edible products.
P - Pulses
This is the request made by farmers and I'm sure that this will be a greater means of service to the society."

Suriya - "Ella Pugazhum Iyakkunarukke'. If not for Pandiraj sir, this film would not have been so much successful. It's been a long time for me to see a stage written with blockbuster posters. The film has proved that cinema is a good medium, where good things have happened through messages conveyed. In Tamil Nadu, it's easy to bring up Best 5 engineers and doctors, but not many of us know about the farmers. So we decided to honour them here during this occasion. The film is successful because of the love and trust that everyone in the team had for each other. I thank Rajshekar Pandian, who had carried the entire project on his shoulders. It's farmers who are sweating more than actors. So we wanted to donate this 1Crore amount for the agricultural welfare.

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