Ajith's 'Thunivu': A decent heist film hindered by familiar story elements | Thunivu Tamil Movie News | Cinema Profile
"Thunivu" is a Tamil-language crime-thriller film directed by H Vinoth, starring Ajith Kumar. The film follows the story of a group of criminals who plan a bank heist with the help of a corrupt police officer, until the Dark Devil, referred to as the anti-hero, intervenes with his own plan.

One of the main strengths of the film is its complex and engaging plot that keeps the audience on their toes with constant twists and turns. Additionally, the film also tackles heavy themes such as corruption and societal ills through a social commentary that masquerades as a heist film. Vinoth's criticism of the media, police, politicians, and even the public is witty and street-smart, which provides a good depth and substance to the film. The characters of the corrupt journalist and his dealings with an equally corrupt police officer are both funny and worrying, highlighting the real crimes that happen right under our noses.

However, the film also has some shortcomings. The moral compass of the film's protagonist, who is similar to the one in "Mankatha", is not clearly defined and is not fleshed out fully. Additionally, the style and the mystery of the first half quickly fizzle out after the interval, and the film starts telling one sob story after another, which can feel incongruous with the cold and dark nature of the film. Also, the character arc of Dark Devil is sketchy and unclear making it hard to fully root for him.

Overall, "Thunivu" is largely entertaining as long as it stays cold and dark, and as long as Ajith Kumar's performance as the lead. However, the film has moments where it loses its thrilling edge as it shifts its focus away from the lead and delves into more serious subject matter. The film is worth watching, but with some reservation.

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