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Vizhithiru Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Vizhithiru Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings


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Overall Rating : 2.25/5.0

Total Reviews: 5

45% out of 100% from below 5 reviews

Vizhithiru movie review and rating arround the web. Vizhithiru movie average rating is 2.25 out of 5.0 based on 5 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 45% out of 100% from below websites (Behind Woods, The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Times of India - India Times, IndiaGlitz, ).

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Vizhithiru Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Behind Woods Vizhithiru Movie review
Behind Woods

Verdict : Vizhithiru has a decent script but lacked execution

Vizhithiru is a hyperlink cinema on the lines of Simbu s Vaanam where four different stories converge due to their situations There is Kreshna who loses his wallet thereby not being able to travel to his native to meet his sister and ill mother There is Venkat Prabhu and his daughter baby Sarah who are in search of their pet dog....

Rating : 2.25/5.0

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The Indian Express Vizhithiru Movie review
The Indian Express

Verdict : This Vidharth and Sai Dhansikaa movie is a good idea lost in execution

The Vidharth Sai Dhansikaa film tries to document what happens during one fateful night connecting several otherwise unrelated characters The idea must have sounded fascinating on paper a car ride which all characters incidentally end up being part of....

Rating : 1.50/5.0

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Deccan Chronicle Vizhithiru Movie review
Deccan Chronicle

Verdict : Great concept marred by flaky execution

Muthukumar Krishna a call taxi driver who is all set to board a train to go to his native loses his purse with money and the train ticket In order to makeup the lost money he accepts an acting driver duty to Saravanan SPB Charan a bold journalist and drops him at a plush bungalow....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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Times of India - India Times Vizhithiru Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : Various people in different places and dealing with diverse issues come together and run for their lives in an unexpected situation

Muthukumar Krishna a cab driver who is all set to board a train to his native to meet his mother and sister Chandrababu Vidharth and Saroja Sai Dhanshika are petty thieves Vikram Rahul Bhaskaran is a spoiled brat who falls head over heels with Christina Erica Fernandes at very first sight and visually impaired Dileepan Venkat Prabhu is happy leading a life with his daughter Baby Sara....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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IndiaGlitz Vizhithiru Movie review

Verdict : Go for it to watch neat performances from the ensemble cast and the few good messages the film carries

The events of Vizhithiru stories are set in one night Muthukumar Krishna a call taxi driver who is getting ready to go to his village to visit his mom and sister loses his purse and to get the money to go home accepts an acting driver duty to passenger SPB Charan who is a brave journalist carrying evidence of a politician cops nexus murder with the intent of exposing them....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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