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Peranbu Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Peranbu Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings


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Overall Rating : 4.00/5.0

Total Reviews: 5

80% out of 100% from below 5 reviews

Peranbu movie review and rating arround the web. Peranbu movie average rating is 4.00 out of 5.0 based on 5 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 80% out of 100% from below websites (Behind Woods, Times of India - India Times, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, IB Times, ).

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Peranbu Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Behind Woods Peranbu Movie review
Behind Woods

Verdict : Peranbu a hard hitting untold story in Tamil Cinema is a must watch

Mind it the problems are not because of their bodies They know how to use their bodies efficiently and have come to acceptance with the fact that they are differently abled It is because of us the privileged section of the society constantly judging them for something they are not responsible for....

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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Times of India - India Times Peranbu Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : A single father tries to raise his daughter who has cerebral palsy even as she is beginning to wake up to her sexuality

we see Amudhavan moving into a house by this lake with his daughter Paapa Sadhana a spastic child His wife has left him for another man and he is forced to look after the daughter whom he has tried to avoid since she was born Even as he makes attempts to bond with her he realises that Paapa needs a female caregiver especially because the teenaged girl is waking up to her sexuality....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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The Indian Express Peranbu Movie review
The Indian Express

Verdict : There s a lot of heart in this delicately textured moving drama

A few minutes into Peranbu you realise there is much more to the story of a single father Amudhavan Mammootty whose whole world is his daughter Paapa Sadhana Paapa isn t your normal teenager She has cerebral palsy and is in fact too afraid to even let her father close Ram as a director has an easy way of slipping in the details and takes you through the emotions of each character step by step....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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Hindustan Times Peranbu Movie review
Hindustan Times

Verdict : Mammootty Sadhana starrer is a devastatingly beautiful drama about father daughter bonding

Peranbu is narrated in chapters and each one helps us understand the father daughter relationship better If you walk in hoping to be bowled over by a beautiful story of bonding between a father and his daughter Peranbu isn t the film you re looking for The film takes a deep dive into the psyche of a helpless father who has just taken custody of his teenage daughter who has cerebral palsy and how both of them come to terms with life and accept each other....

Rating : 4.50/5.0

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IB Times Peranbu Movie review
IB Times

Verdict : The film is about a father Mammootty who tries to understand the struggles of his disabled daughter Paapa Sadhana How he becomes a better man while he comes to terms with his child and her special needs forms the crux of the movie

Peranbu movie review and rating by audience Live updates Director Ram s Tamil film Peranbu starring Mammootty Anjali and Sadhana is an intense emotional drama that focuses on the relationship between a man and his daughter....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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