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Peechaankai Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Peechaankai Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Overall Rating : 2.71/5.0

Total Reviews: 6

55% out of 100% from below 6 reviews

Peechaankai movie review and rating arround the web. Peechaankai movie average rating is 2.71 out of 5.0 based on 6 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 55% out of 100% from below websites (Behind Woods, Net Tv 4 u, Studioflicks, Moviecrow, Top10Cinema, Sify, ).

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Peechaankai Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Behind Woods Peechaankai Movie review
Behind Woods

Verdict : With the limited production value Peechaankai is a fun watch

Smuthu Karthiik who is a pickpocket expert meets with an accident and after that incident he starts to suffer from a disease alien hand syndrome which means that his left hand wouldn t be under his control Now what problems this syndrome creates and how does it bring about a change in Smuthu s life The film answers these questions in a very interesting manner....

Rating : 2.75/5.0

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Net Tv 4 u Peechaankai Movie review
Net Tv 4 u

Verdict : With the new script and the new star cast the director managed to attract the audiences Peechaankai is a good movie that can be watched once

S Muthu alias Smuthu is a pickpocket He always uses his left hand for his pick pocketing job In an accident his left hand loses its connection with the brain Yes it doesn t respond to the brain and acts on its own This is called alien hand syndrome....

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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Studioflicks Peechaankai Movie review

Verdict : Slightly entertaining with appreciable performance of Karthik

The prominent feature about the film is that basic theme which stirs up the curiosity as you listen to someone narrating this concept But then it nearly takes 30 40 minutes to establish this conflict on the screens and till then the establishment of characters borrows so much of time The other highlighting trait about the film is the promising performance of Karthik whose efficient work and preparation for the role is completely evident in every frame....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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Moviecrow Peechaankai Movie review

Verdict : Few silly gags but also some rollicking fun

Peechaankai is one of those films set in our world but plays out amidst quirky characters In other words it is not a Jil Jung Juk set in an alien land but more like a Soodhu Kavvum Director Ashok is never short of ideas to induce a laugh A few of them do get diluted on screen but when they click they are a riot....

Rating : 2.75/5.0

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Top10Cinema Peechaankai Movie review

Verdict : Very least entertaining with tedious narration

A petty thief and pickpocket keep the livelihood of left handed Karthik happening with picture perfect life until he faces an accident and incurs Alien Hand Syndrome Things turn out to be hilariously erroneous with his left hand creating havoc in his activities Meanwhile a group of thugs assigns him to loot up a mobile camera from a politician which takes him through unexpected trials and tribulations laced with humour....

Rating : 1.75/5.0

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Sify Peechaankai Movie review

Verdict : Watchable crime comedy

Smoothu Karthik is a pickpocket who is known for smartly snatching purse with his left hand But while escaping from cops Smoothu meets with an accident and then his left hand stops listening to his brain Doctors calls Smoothu s condition as Alien Hand Syndrome which means there is a miscommunication between his right and left brain....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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