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Padai Veeran Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Padai Veeran Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings


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Overall Rating : 2.45/5.0

Total Reviews: 5

49% out of 100% from below 5 reviews

Padai Veeran movie review and rating arround the web. Padai Veeran movie average rating is 2.45 out of 5.0 based on 5 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 49% out of 100% from below websites (Times of India - India Times, The Hindu, Sify, IndiaGlitz, Studioflicks, ).

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Padai Veeran Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Times of India - India Times Padai Veeran Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : A few dialogues on caste too are interesting As a hero for the first time Vijay Yesudas does a decent job justifying the two shades of his character Bharathirajaa continues to amaze in instilling life to each character he plays It is fascinating to watch him portray a progressive man in an otherwise caste oriented village

A care free youngster sets out to become a cop and comes back to his village to control a riot He realises that he has to take on people who are close to him to manage the situation....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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The Hindu Padai Veeran Movie review
The Hindu

Verdict : A rural drama that loses fizz after showing initial promise

The basic premise of director Dhana s Padaiveeran on paper is quite appealing it is Paruthiveeran meets Theeran interestingly both are Karthi films The director ticks the right boxes in a few departments straight away the casting Vijay Yesudas is a revelation and Amritha fits in her role aptly and the staging of a few sequences watch out for one in which Munish goofs up during training at the police academy as his friends are getting beaten up back home....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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Sify Padai Veeran Movie review

Verdict : Average rural drama on caste wars

The first half of Padai Veeran moves at a leisure pace with the needless detailing on the jobless gang of Vijay Yesudas and their friendship The main plot of the film begins only in the second half with the honor killing and existence of caste pride in the villages of Tamil Nadu The climax is definitely a shocker which is unpredictable and the message is also quite relevant and strong....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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IndiaGlitz Padai Veeran Movie review

Verdict : Go for this engaging thriller that deals with honour killing and the burning caste issue

Though the caste wars of the South has been handled in many films Padai Veeran has a different screenplay that makes the story look fresh The sequences of how self serving caste leaders use the blood of their own kith and kin is authentically brought on screen The film is also engaging in most parts....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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Studioflicks Padai Veeran Movie review

Verdict : As on whole Padai Veeran movie happens to be a routine old fashioned communal violence based film But we believe that director Dhaya has more potentials to make much more efficient film than this one which is good one for a starter

Set against the backdrops of Theni the story revolves around two villages that have been in communal feud for decades Hailing from a higher community Vijay Yesudas is seen as a happy go lucky youngster and spends his dallying with friends His closest buddy is his uncle Bharathiraja who is an ex military man Vijay and Amritha remain at loggerheads but later fall in love with each....

Rating : 2.25/5.0

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