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Kabali Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Kabali Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings


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Overall Rating : 3.42/5.0

Total Reviews: 9

69% out of 100% from below 9 reviews

Kabali movie review and rating arround the web. Kabali movie average rating is 3.42 out of 5.0 based on 9 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 69% out of 100% from below websites (IB Times, Tamil Glitz, Behind Woods, IndiaGlitz, FilmiBeat, thewiire, I Luv Cinema, The Indian Express, FirstPost, ).

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Kabali Movie Reviews Arround the Web

IB Times Kabali Movie review
IB Times

Verdict : Kabali opening intro and fight mersal thalivar body language vera level Positive entry block buster on the way Kabali big salute to super star giving such kind of performance at this age He put lots of hardwork on this water thin story

The first premiere is happening at some foreign countries and the movie has started getting good response People are loving Rajinikanth s introductory scene and his electrifying presence The audience say that the narration is bit slow but has a strong subject....

Rating : 5.00/5.0

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Tamil Glitz Kabali Movie review
Tamil Glitz

Verdict : Kabali is back to make all his fans go Mad

This film Kabali can be easily called as a Ranjith s film more than a Superstar Rajini s film The film is said in a typical Ranjith style with slow screenplay and adding all the element which in necessary for all superstar fans to evoke in theaters....

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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Behind Woods Kabali Movie review
Behind Woods

Verdict : Rajinikanth in a different dimension but Kabali might not work for everyone Theatres which are known to reverberate for Rajinikanth seem a lot more silent for Kabali

Kabali is about an aged reformed gangster Kabaleeswaran who had fought for the oppressed in Malaysia and returns from his jail stay after twenty five years What life has in store for him after this is the turf in which Ranjith has played his shots the scene of action being predominantly Malaysia....

Rating : 2.75/5.0

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IndiaGlitz Kabali Movie review

Verdict : Kabali is a film that you should not miss for Rajini s fantabulous acting clap worthy dialogues and sparkling emotional moments A more powerful story and a tighter screenplay would have made it much better

Kabali Superstar Rajinikanth is a revered Malaysian Tamil don who gets released after serving a jail term of 25 years He has lost his wife Kumudhavalli Radhika Apte when she was pregnant and does not know whether she is still alive He has fought for the equal rights for the oppressed Tamils of Malaysia and has emerged as respected do gooder don among them He runs a school to refine the Tamil adolescents who roam around as spoilt brats in Malaysia and make them as good citizens....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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FilmiBeat Kabali Movie review

Verdict : You might be disappointed if you go into the cinema hall keeping in mind the recent hype and hoopla around Kabali However this is definitely Rajinikanth s best in the recent times

Rajinikanth spends 25 years of his life in jail when he returns he is in for a surprise which is gradually revealed to the audience Why was he locked up in a Malaysian jail for such a long period of time is shown in the flashback The rest of the film deals with what Rajini does to get back his lost life and how he achieves his prime task for which he was jailed all these while....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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thewiire Kabali Movie review

Verdict : For diehard fans not really they would watch anyway As far as others go watch it only if you are desperate to watch a Rajini film

Simply put Kabali is the journey of a man named Kabali who lost more than two decades of his life in prison How he rediscovers his life again and his relationship with the mafia world that left a huge scar on him is what the film is about Well the film luckily is not that heavy the way we are making it sound to be....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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I Luv Cinema Kabali Movie review
I Luv Cinema

Verdict : Cinematography is mind blowing Santhosh Narayanan has given superb compositions especially Neruppu Da song became the major highlight The film is rich with technical values Background music is the major asset for this film Editing work is fantastic Pa Ranjith has proved himself as a director He has taken care of each and every scene in this film He grabbed a very good review for showing Rajini in a different avatar as audiences were expecting to see Rajini in this get up for a long time Rajinikanth s mania is going on these days We have to wait and see what records that it is going to break

Before independence Britishers took Tamilians to Malaysia and appoints them as a daily laborers in a Rubber factory Britishers never treat them well and tortures them by not giving proper food and beating them frequently Many Tamils died because of this torture....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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The Indian Express Kabali Movie review
The Indian Express

Verdict : You get the feeling that Ranjith could have done a whole lot more with it especially with Rajni turning in the kind of performance that he has Overall it s an enjoyable watch provided you ve got a certain degree of patience and some undying love for Thalaivar

Rajinikanth is a powerhouse and rocks his first outing as a sixty something don with ease flair and just the right amount of reserve Through the 152 minute film Rajni manages to turn in a stellar performance without the hindrance of the usual commercial vices that producers tend to foist on him a protracted comedy track song and dance sequences....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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FirstPost Kabali Movie review

Verdict : The story of Kabali is simple and one we ve seen many times before It s cliched in many aspects But what drives it is Rajnikanth

Don Kabali has funded a school where children from all sections of society can access a quality education But he is thrown by the question Why did he take up a life of crime despite his respectable background....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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