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2.0 (2 Point O) Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

2.0 (2 Point O) Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings


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Overall Rating : 3.11/5.0

Total Reviews: 9

63% out of 100% from below 9 reviews

2.0 (2 Point O) movie review and rating arround the web. 2.0 (2 Point O) movie average rating is 3.11 out of 5.0 based on 9 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 63% out of 100% from below websites (Behind Woods, Times of India - India Times, IB Times, Sify, kalakkal Cinema, NDTV, FirstPost, Hindustan Times, Friday Cinemaa, ).

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2.0 (2 Point O) Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Behind Woods 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review
Behind Woods

Verdict : Shankar fuses technology fiction and showmanship brilliantly to reload Rajinikanth s superstar swag in this must watch grand sequel

For all the Superstar fans there is plenty to rejoice The quintessential Rajini moments in the form of action scenes and dialogues are abundant In the pre climax portions the film reaches it s peak with the reloaded 2 0 taking shape It is always a pleasure to watch Rajinikanth perform in the villainous scenes as he nails it once again....

Rating : 3.75/5.0

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Times of India - India Times 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : Shankar manages to pack in a cute little surprise that s 3 0 aka Kutti If only had he found a way to get these two characters into his plot earlier 2 0 would have soared

An ornithologist who commits suicide returns as fifth force to wreack vengeance on mankind for harming birds with mobile phone radiation The only thing that is standing in his way is 2 0 the upgraded version of Chitti the robot....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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IB Times 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review
IB Times

Verdict : A proper mix of shankarshanmugh s socially responsible vigilante films with his masterpiece

Shankar fuses technology fiction and showmanship brilliantly to reload Rajinikanth s superstar swag in this must watch grand sequel....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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Sify 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review

Verdict : Exhausting but watchable

The film begins with a suicide of an old man who hangs himself on top of a cell phone tower Cut to the next shot we see a group of robotic students visiting Dr Vaseegaran s Rajinikanth to know about his latest humanoid Nila Amy Jackson On their way back the cell phone of a youngster gets snatched away In seconds all the mobile phones in the city vanishes into thin air....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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kalakkal Cinema 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review
kalakkal Cinema

Verdict : 2 O is a picture of the destruction caused by abnormal growth technologies After the end of the film can we touch the cell phone Or not Fear of the fears that the film looks like

Akshay Kumar the villain who kills the birds by radiators of the phone is keen to take revenge Superstar Rajinikanth City struggles to save people from this The story of this film is the scientific war between them....

Rating : 4.00/5.0

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NDTV 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review

Verdict : Despite Rajinikanth And Akshay Kumar Bunkum Is Bunkum

A mysterious power its genesis is established in the film s opening sequence in which a man hangs himself from a cell tower is out to eliminate mobile telephony from the face of the earth Towers are uprooted and crushed Handsets fly off the hands of their owners and turn into a destructive wave....

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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FirstPost 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review

Verdict : Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar barely face off in a lukewarm politically bizarre sequel to Enthiran

A line uttered early on by Dr Vasigaran When people cannot understand something they either dismiss it as a terrorist attack or the work of God has potential but goes nowhere Instead the film becomes not about machines going out of control which was a focal theme of Enthiran but about the need to keep righteous human anger in check....

Rating : 1.50/5.0

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Hindustan Times 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review
Hindustan Times

Verdict : Rajinikanth is smarter than a smartphone the film isn t

Director Shankar has unfettered visual imagination and unconventional thinking but despite well meaning ideas at the core of his stories his cinema flirts with relevance instead of committing to it The 2010 film Enthiran also known as Robot was essentially a Frankenstein film set in a world of artificial intelligence but what Shankar had truly cracked was a way forward for his mythically outsized leading man Rajinikanth played bearded and mild mannered scientist Vasigaran while all the punches and punchlines were saved for Chitti the Robot his clean shaven and highly superhuman alter ego....

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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Friday Cinemaa 2.0 (2 Point O) Movie review
Friday Cinemaa

Verdict : 2 O is the biggest winner with a powerful message beautiful performances and exhilarating visual effects

The film is a war between the human and a fifth force Pakshi Raju Akshay Kumar an Ornithologist seeks revenge on human force who he feels is responsible for the end of birds species How did Dr Vaseekar Rajinikanth and Chitti put an end to him Is the film s story....

Rating : 3.25/5.0

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