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Bhaagamathie Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings

Bhaagamathie Tamil Movie Live Review & Ratings


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Overall Rating : 2.64/5.0

Total Reviews: 7

53% out of 100% from below 7 reviews

Bhaagamathie movie review and rating arround the web. Bhaagamathie movie average rating is 2.64 out of 5.0 based on 7 reviews. Average movie review percentage is 53% out of 100% from below websites (Times of India - India Times, Behind Woods, The Indian Express, IndiaGlitz, Sify, FirstPost, The Hindu, ).

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Bhaagamathie Movie Reviews Arround the Web

Times of India - India Times Bhaagamathie Movie review
Times of India - India Times

Verdict : The story moves forward at a brisk pace and there s enough element of surprise and suspense in Bhaagamathie like any good thriller should have And for that director Ashok deserves credit

Accused of murdering her husband IAS officer Chanchala Anushka Shetty is taken to a haunted house called Bhaaghamathie Bungalow where police and CBI officials interrogate her to dig up dirt on a politician she had worked under....

Rating : 3.00/5.0

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Behind Woods Bhaagamathie Movie review
Behind Woods

Verdict : Bhaagamathie has its moments but could have been better with a stronger plot

Bhaagamathie also fails to captivate the audience at the majority of places and doesn t excite you even when an important twist is revealed The first half is almost full of Sanchala s exploration into the haunted bungalow and the jump scares associated with it Adding to the downfalls there are quite a few logical loopholes left unanswered....

Rating : 2.25/5.0

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The Indian Express Bhaagamathie Movie review
The Indian Express

Verdict : Anushka Shetty starrer fails to meet expectations

The story of Bhaagamathie starring Anushka Shetty is nothing like what was suggested by the filmmakers through the theatrical trailer and the nightmarish posters It was supposed to keep the audience on the edge of the seat with a spine chilling backstory of the central character Bhaagamathie a ghost from the past century....

Rating : 2.00/5.0

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IndiaGlitz Bhaagamathie Movie review

Verdict : Bhaagamathie s stereotyped first half spoils the twist in the second that comes very late to save the movie Watch it for Thaman s riveting BGM and Anushka s power packed performance

Bhaagamathie is not the usual horror story you will see that much is certainly true A promising politician Jayaram has his task etched out to do good to his people but that has started to irk the likes of opposite parties as they fear he might become the next CM and decide to frape him As conspiracy brews they bring in a CBI officer Asha Sarath to interrogate Sanchana Anushka who is now a criminal but served as a personal secretary to Jayaram....

Rating : 2.75/5.0

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Sify Bhaagamathie Movie review

Verdict : A formulaic masala entertainer with predictable twists and turns

The film belongs to Anushka Shetty she carries the film on her shoulders In the first half we witness traces of Arundthathi but the second half is filled with twists and turns of our heroic films there is in fact a transformation scene to reveal the true face of Anushka Unni Mukundhan has done his part well while Asha and Jayaram are just adequate....

Rating : 2.50/5.0

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FirstPost Bhaagamathie Movie review

Verdict : Anushka Shetty shines in this horror thriller that owes a lot to its technicians

The film follows the life of Chenchala Anushka an IAS officer who is sent to prison after she kills a social activist Unni Mukundan When a CBI officer played by Asha Sharath is sent to investigate Chenchala to find out more details about Eshwar Prasad Jayaram a central minister things go completely haywire in a dilapidated bungalow that was once the house of Bhaagamathie....

Rating : 3.50/5.0

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The Hindu Bhaagamathie Movie review
The Hindu

Verdict : Looking beyond the obvious


Rating : 2.50/5.0

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