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Andrea Jeremiah who is known for her bold characters has opened about the situation of heroines in Southern Film Industry at a college interaction.

She has said as :-

You believe me or not, after Taramani, I haven't signed a single film. Not a single movie. Whereas, a heroine who acts opposite Vijay, and does nothing, except for dancing to 3 songs, goes on to sign many more films in quick succession.

Everyone loved Taramani, many people raved my performance, the film got highly positive reviews. But I haven't signed my next. Why? Because, when a woman does a strong role that asks uncomfortable questions and asks 'Hello, I am not happy to be a pretty young thing on screen. I want to do more than that.

Yes, I can look hot, and sexy, and I can act also. So, write roles for me, and don't ask me to come on screen and jiggle my butt, and wear revealing clothes and be happy with that. I am not going to be happy with that. I can appear naked in a scene, in a movie, and it will have an important relevance to the story.

Women who say that they wouldn't do any kissing scenes are the ones who are ultimately objectifying themselves on screen. That is the primary issue for me, especially in Tamil Cinema. But now, it is changing slowly, very very slowly.

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